BMFA EGM to discuss the purchase of a National flying site

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BMFA EGM to discuss the purchase of a National flying site

Post by Wrongway » Sun Jun 14, 2015 6:45 pm

From: David Lloyd-Jones []
Sent: 13 June 2015 09:09
Subject: BMFA EGM to discuss the purchase of a National flying site

Added information to the following email sent to you on the12th June 2015 . . . .

There were some errors in the Proxy form attached (then) - please use the revised one attached here instead.

If you have not yet received the Letter from the BMFA Head Office regarding the details of the EGM, it will be held at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel, Nottingham Business Park, Mellors Way, Nottingham, NG86PY. This is situated just off Junction 21 on the M1.

Thank you.


Dear All.

You should, by now, have received a letter from the BMFA Chairman (Chris Moynihan) telling you about the EGM that has been arranged for July 4th 2015.

This is to discuss - and vote for or against - the purchase of land for a National Flying Site.

The details of the first attempt made along these lines have been well documented in both the BMFA News and the BMFA Website . . .and related to the "Law Lawns Farm" site.

This site is now dead and buried, because of circumstances outside the BMFA's control.

However, the EGM is to be held to formally receive your approval or otherwise of whether the BMFA should continue with the search for a site to buy.

Your vote will be on behalf of your club members, and you should hold a short meeting of your members to obtain a mandate on how you should vote on the day.

A full breakdown of costs and other matters relating to this, will be on the front page of the BMFA website later today.

We implore you to bring it all to the attention of your club members as soon as possible.

Note the following . . . .

1. Proxy votes can be brought to the EGM from other clubs.
2. Proxy votes by letter or email are not allowed.

This conforms with the Articles of Association of the Society for all such meetings.

A Proxy form is enclosed for your use if you are unable to attend, and each delegate is allowed to carry 5 proxy votes in addition to his own club.

This EGM is probably the most important in the history of the BMFA, so please make an effort to attend with your votes.

Should you have any questions about the matter, please telephone me on 01565 73 40 40 anytime, and I will try to answer your questions.

If you are aiming to attend the meeting, may I respectfully suggest that you talk to other clubs close by yours, and come in one vehicle to reduce your costs?

Kind regards.

David Lloyd-Jones (North West Area Chairman)

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